How to Make Chia Seed Egg Substitute

  Sometimes you or family members are allergic to eggs, or don’t like eggs or just can’t stand eggs. Well, you or your loved don’t have to miss out on eating baked goodies because of eggs allergies anymore. There is Good News! There are easy healthy vegan alternatives to using eggs in baking. We shall […]

7 Common Nutrient Deficiencies: Know the Signs

The hidden cause of common symptoms such as fatigue and muscle aches could be nutrient deficiencies. Are you at risk? Fatigue can be a sign of a deficiency in one or more key nutrients. You may think nutrient deficiencies are a thing of the past, reserved for sailors trapped at sea. But even today, it’s […]

Getting to the Root of What’s Fueling Your Food Cravings

  There’s a lot of talk about food cravings stemming from nutritional deficiencies, but research has not proved this to be true. If you’ve ever been tempted to blame your chocolate urges on a magnesium deficiency, Kimberly Snyder, a clinical nutritionist and the author of The Beauty Detox Power, would beg to disagree. She claims your […]