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Once upon a time in 2006, a bubbly lawyer was going through a very common problem at lunchtime. Where to eat a decent healthy meal?  Close family members had also fallen ill with Diabetes and she was determined to stay healthy and avoid the same. She had aspired to one day start her own restaurant from and this challenge of finding a place to eat healthily was opening up an interesting and unique opportunity. Bridges Organic Restaurant was opened in 2008 in Nairobi.

Bridges Organic shop was a natural growth of Bridges Organic Restaurant to assist the organic farmers to have an additional market for the overflow of organic vegetables and fruits from their farms. We also greatly support women and youth who are adding value with minimal processing to organic foods.
The organic products you will find here have been meticulously chosen for their numerous nutritional content, harvested and packed with very hygienic standards.

Our Produce

The items sold here at the bridges organics shop are all organically produced.

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Our vendors are an essential part of this shop. After we vet them and ensure that their production process is up to standard, our vendors can proudly display their merchandise on the shop.

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You can be assured that our products:

  1. Have NO GMO Ingredients
  2. Have been grown FREE of Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics and hormones
  3. Have Gluten Free options
  4. Have No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors and Colors


OUR PURPOSE is to Nurture people to consume Healthy Foods and get the Know How in the most convenient form. You will therefore see health benefits for each organic product and an easy recipe that you can use immediately to enjoy with your family.

If you have not tried us before, we welcome you to the organic side of life!