Belly Trimmer Juice Program


Price is 250 per day, We recommend 14 days

Did you know the dangers of belly fat puts you at high risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a stroke? Today is the day to reduce your belly fat to avoid all of these risks.

This program is for anyone who wants to loose belly fat in a safe way. For 14 days, you will drink a delicious mix of natural juices that will work on your belly to naturally reduce it. The benefits include:
1. Reduced belly and waist line
2. It Lowers cholesterol
3. Clears the skin
4. Reduces high acidity
5. Makes you feel good

How it Works:
1. Buy the Belly Trimmer Juice package
2. Everyday for 14 days, we shall prepare for you 1 ltr of our freshly made juice blends to drink before or after meals.
3. We will arrange delivery of the juice to your home or office or you can enjoy the juice at any of our restaurants.
4. The nutritionist will provide all the help you need to finish the program and succeed.
Don't Wait, Get your Belly Trimmer Today!

Additional information

Daily Price

KES 250 per day